30 August 2005

Glass blowing near the Black Sea

These bowls are made by the tutor, Boyd Sugiki, running a 2-week course in Turkey that I am about to depart for. Am looking forward to it, but with some trepidation as I haven't been in practice and am rather afraid I won't be up to standard. Also nervous about the heat. But an intensive go at it should help me get to grips with learning to control the stuff.

Nothing to report on the rest of the summer, glass-wise. I have been scratching away. And am joining classes in the autumn at Morley College (engraving) and Westminster Adult Education Service (kiln-forming). I am creating a second year for myself.

29 August 2005

Trip to Sunderland

Yesterday I went to the National Glass Centre in Sunderland to see the Edge exhibition and attend a symposium in which the curator and artists talked about their work. Interesting to reflect on the extent to which the exhibits spoke for themselves and what was added by hearing the artists talk about their intentions. I am writing it up for the Contemporary Glass Society.

Quite taken by the university facilities attached and flirted briefly with the idea of doing an MA next year, but it's not really viable.

02 August 2005

Long time scratching that plate

Yes, it took some time. Probably most detailed thing I've done. And various summer jollities, like opera picnics at Glyndebourne , intervened. I am missing the full-time dedication of the full-time course. So far a kiln day at Westminster College and an engraving afternoon at Morley College are my only two autumn commitments.