19 June 2011

School in Sheffield

This is the model for the gate for a school in Sheffield that we have now had approved - it swivvels on a central access so it can lock. We are looking forward to making the real thing and seeingit in situ by the end of the year.

17 June 2011

Birmingham Children's Hospital

It's OK now to revela the detail of the new commissionthat Matt and I have won at the Birmingham Children's Hospital and the National Memorial Arboretum in Alrewas - in honour of children who die in hospitals. I led our first Consultation group this week and learned a great deal about what the staff and bereaved parents might like. For example, although everyone loved this moth wing - as well as the metaphor of all too short a span of life - it seems that in some cultures you musn't depict faces or eyes; moth and butterfly wings don't all have eyes on them but many do. Does this disqualify artistic inspiration from this source? Still thinking about it.