27 April 2012

Glass breaks

New window in our loo using my flattened glass - not properly secured on its hinges; very windy day; flapped about and broke. I had been so pleased with it and it wasn't even up as long as a week. Just enough to have looked lovely at sunset with the light coming through. That's glass for you.

13 April 2012

In situ

Here is the tree in situ in its open position - couldn't get a picture of it closed, but that will follow when the site is free of all the building works we hope.
And here it is as it will look closed with Matt doing the final tweaks. He took out the blue lens that I'd siliconed in the day before: it probably looked too blue in the daylight. I thought I'd liked it, but his prerogative. I think we were both pretty pleased with it - and it looked just like the model.

11 April 2012

Birmingham Children's Hospital

This is the postcard they made for the launch today of the Quiet Room and Rainbow Room installations. Tea and cake and they presented me with a bouquet which was very nice. I gave a short speech explaining the rationale behind it, but not too much as I wanted everyone to come to it with their own ideas. The reactions were very pleasing and the nursing staff said it was making a real difference to the parents. One small person exhailed a loud 'Wow!' as everyone trouped into the Rainbow Room. It was also very lovely (as well as indicative of how long this project has been going) that one of the bereaved mothers had told me she was pregnant again at oneof the consultation days and there she was with a 3-month old baby. Very heartening and renewing.

03 April 2012

In the workshop

Matt, Stephen and myself fitting all the glass lenses into Matt's tree for the Sheffield school gates. Just that part of it and cleaning them all up next day took 14 man hours. We found ourselves pondering on the merits if public art projects versus private commissions. So much time on this one has been involved in acres of red tape and negotiating with contractors.