27 July 2006

Summer break

'Ampersand River', as I have called it, will be installed on 7 August and I'll post pictures then.

Meanwhile, this blog will go quiet over the summer. I've got offers for next year from Farnham (University of the Creative Arts) for an MA in Contemporary Crafts or Central St Martins (University of the Arts) for a PgCert in Glass. I'm pretty sure it'll be the MA which I will spread over 2 years. Can't stop now!

20 July 2006

Not cool for 'Crash Cool'

It couldn't have been hotter on the day of our private view. Hats off to everyone who came to see it. Here are a few pictures for those who didn't. I was pleased with my spaces and even more pleased to have sold either 2 or 3 pieces. Not quite sure. Seen here: 2 bowls that were sold; my comma from the outside; a case with my smaller pieces in it; detail of Ampersand River.

19 July 2006

Putting up our show

Didn't have time yesterday to photograph everyone painting plinths and climbing up ladders -- wow! What a lot of work is involved in putting on an exhibition. And then trying to price things - taking into account gallery mark-up, time taken, cost of framing, cost of fixtures and fittings, transport to the gallery and what market forces expect. I'd no idea there was so much to it. Utterly exhausted by the end of the day. This is one of my pieces -- I've called it lAce pyramids.

11 July 2006

Other inspirations

Just been to Giverny and to Monet's waterlily garden. Nothing to do with glass, I know, but one mustn't be blinkered. I don't think, for example, that I would have fully seen that Monet's own inspirations came from Japanese art. In fact, apart from the Japanese bridge in this picture, I am not sure it is all that evident. But there is an extensive collection of prints in the house.

06 July 2006


I can't seem to get spirality out of my system. It kept edging its way in at Brierley as well. Must be buried in my DNA. Here's a fused panel coming out of the kiln this morning. My scheme for containing them within fibreboard boxes is at last getting reliable. Carpet tacks at the corners just hold the strips together.

03 July 2006

Scratched and blasted

Here's the finished plate started at my West Dean weekend. I got my trade-mark puss in (much to the bemusement of the person who is destined to be the plate's owner). One thing finished for the exhibition. It's looking like a bit of a round things and pyramids theme.