29 March 2010

Gallery on Holland's Rhine

This is how they do private views in Holland: a bag of goodies for each of the 7 exhibitors from England (all of whom were there) containing Advokaat, an Edam cheese and chocolate hazelnut Easter eggs. Sales were slow but lots of collectors came and two were very interested in my work and the local paper chose a picture of my blue tippy egg for its review. At the Aventurijn Gallery till 24 April.

05 March 2010

Glass Sea

I'm just trying out how to embed a video. Let's see what happens.

Sea of Glass from Sean Vicary on Vimeo.

02 March 2010


Seen at the Science Museum at an exhibition of what the west has learned from Islam in a scientific context. This, one-of-the-oldest surviving alembics from Iran in 10th to 12th century, gave us medicine and distillation. The glass is so weathered it looks like silver. One for my erosion collection.

01 March 2010


These are mine, though not in the woblet range, being professionally done with my blanks and to my design. A bit too large, in fact. However, they had an airing at dinner last night and one of the guests wants to order some. The economics aren't in my favour, but I am still obsessed by wineglasses so I want to do it.