28 July 2010

Coughton Court

One of the windows at a charming Elizabethan manor house near Stratford-upon-Avon where we had just been to see Julius Caesar. Pretty - this sort of thing and a lost art in many ways. Our companions at the play admired my glass jewellery, that I was wearing, and ordered 2 necklaces and 2 pairs of earrings just like that. Shows it pays to advertise your own goods. I was boldly wearing all white that evening.

27 July 2010

Leerdam - the Stourbridge of Holland

On our way to Amsterdam, we stopped at the Glass Museum in Leerdam. Though limited in its collection, compared to Broadfield House, the town itself as the Glass Quarter of Holland had so much to teach Stourbridge in terms of creating tourist attractions. I didn't see as much as I wanted, but you could tell from the way it was arranged, street names, restaurant signs, proliferation of galleries, and so on that it was a vibrant town with some manufacture still thriving. Shame the Brits can't recreate that. Pix show some modern whacky wineglasses in nude forms and last century - normally I capture the makers' names but it was hot, the others a bit bored and S wielding the camera.

07 July 2010

Where did June go?

And will July be the same? Spikeabell has shamed me into the realisation that since I have stopped being a student, I have been falling behind in my glass logging - or is that 'glogging' (glugging, more like)? She'd spotted my work on the front page of CGS and must have thought, 'So you have been doing stuff.' Yes, I have. But the impetus to photograph and catalogue things has been waning. That said, here's a picture of my stuff in a cabinet in our Open House as part of East Finchley Artists. It's on this weekend, and last. Seven artists are showing in our house. The two platters on the bottom shelf have little lenses and glisten in the sunlight.