30 October 2008

Private view

The piece in the window looked particularly effective at night - everybody said so. I made one sale and met the buyer from yesterday. A good crowd and everyone entertained with sushi and wine.

29 October 2008

Koukan Gallery

Everything is now ready for the private view of my duo show at the Koukan Gallery tonight. Looking rather better than I had anticipated. I think our work complements each other quite well and fills the space quite nicely. Shame we can't adjust the lighting a little better. BoneScape in the window looks really good at night when it is dark outside. I'm pleased to have it on view again. I have already sold one piece, the smallest and cheapest, but it all helps to cover costs.

22 October 2008

Bowes Museum

It's very difficult to take pictures of glass in museums, and there was surprisingly little glass at the Bowes Museum - lots of porcelain and silver. This is Bohemian engraved layed glass of the early 19th century. Quite an unusual colour. However, we had a good go at the junk shops in Barnard Castle (of which there were lots) and saw various tempting rummers. I resisted, though. I honestly don't need any more wineglasses. Is this a sign of growing up?

10 October 2008

Koukan gallery

They've chosen the same picture for the invitation as for the MA show. Perhaps I shouldn't have offered it - but it is effective and pertinent to our title. Mostly a different clientele too. I am doing this in hopes of attracting one of the gallery owner's architect contacts. It's a very attractive white space in which my work should look good (I hope). Quite different from The Crypt; perhaps better for glass.

02 October 2008


I haven't been idle. Three jewellery things are in progress. I am making a couple of chokers for an exhibition featuring recycled glass; a necklace was auctioned at the National Liberty Museum (attendance at the auction $200); and some jewellery is to go on show at the Christmas exhibition at the Koukan Gallery - where I am also going to have a duo show of larger work with a ceramicist from 27 October to 8 November. So I am working for that.