30 August 2006

At the International Glass Festival

Favourites at the Biennale and workshop demonstrations - yes, I know one of them is me, but people did come in and watch and obligingly clapped at the end when I boxed a goblet. Elio Quaris, with 60 years experience at Murano, was obviously much more exciting to watch; we were hooked by him, and his ballet of helpers, for hours.
Pix of exhibition items we liked: Phil Vickery, Sally Dunnet, Anthony Scala, Katharine Coleman

29 August 2006

Is she ever going to stop blowing goblets?

Probably not - I'm just a bit mad that way. Did these during the International Glass Festival a couple of days ago and immensely enjoyed doing them. Not as much lost ground from the long gap as I'd expected. cf. 23 May; 18 Feb; June 05; September 05; November 05.
Great fun had at the Biennale and all its surrounding events, but my own pictures are rubbish so I'll post up some of Stephen's tomorrow.

17 August 2006

More windows

Snapped in Wales; one's Gwydir Castle where we stayed 2 nights (one of our best B&Bs ever) and the other is an Elizabethan town house in Conwy. Just looking at glass while on holiday.

01 August 2006

Window in New Zealand

Stephen took this picture for me in NZ as he thought the 3D lattice effect might interest me. It does. Although leaded windows isn't my thing, the idea of stretching out a flat pane is appealing. So I've blogged it for future inspiration. Posted by Picasa