14 October 2011

Glass light

This is the glass lighting piece at Vessel Gallery in Notting Hill Gate (along with two of my optical illusion pieces). The photo by Ester Segara really makes it look good. I had some reservations about it, though the idea has potential. A whole row of them down the middle of a restaurant would be quite fetching. Are there any architects out there listening?

10 October 2011

How to Spend It

It seems I am featured in the 5 October edition of the FT's mag How to Spend It with some rather nice comments that ought be available on the link given.
I got two orders within days - which all goes to show how publicity helps.

24 August 2011

Vessel Gallery

I am exhibiting in this show 6 to 29 October with a lighting piece that the gallery is working with me to produce. All quite exciting and a direction I would like to go in. I think there is some commercial potential in lighting. The top right picture in this poster is one of my pieces - I think it will be in the next Crafts magazine.
Lack of entries recently doesn't mean anything. I am busy designing for the two public art projects and making experimental pieces for them. But people are away on holiday and probably it will all pick up steam in September.

19 June 2011

School in Sheffield

This is the model for the gate for a school in Sheffield that we have now had approved - it swivvels on a central access so it can lock. We are looking forward to making the real thing and seeingit in situ by the end of the year.

17 June 2011

Birmingham Children's Hospital

It's OK now to revela the detail of the new commissionthat Matt and I have won at the Birmingham Children's Hospital and the National Memorial Arboretum in Alrewas - in honour of children who die in hospitals. I led our first Consultation group this week and learned a great deal about what the staff and bereaved parents might like. For example, although everyone loved this moth wing - as well as the metaphor of all too short a span of life - it seems that in some cultures you musn't depict faces or eyes; moth and butterfly wings don't all have eyes on them but many do. Does this disqualify artistic inspiration from this source? Still thinking about it.

23 May 2011

Oxford Arts Week

This is what my display looks like at 100A Cowley Road, with a large framed art print at the back and several others in the browser (one sold at the private view along with a few sparkle plates). A high class collection of work and I was pleased to be a part of it. On show for 10 days.

18 May 2011

Public Art Project

We have won the 'tender' for a major project comprising two internal spaces and one external one (one proposal drawing shown here). Very exciting indeed. Unfortunately I'm not allowed to say where or what it is at this stage, though I expect I will be able to at some point. Very thrilling anyway.

05 May 2011


It's another of those 'What happened to April' moments. Nothing logged, but I showed at the artsdepot 'Small is Beautiful' exhibition during May and have 5 prints at the Braintree Community Hospital where they will be on show for the next 6 months. Also shortlisted for another public art project and a show at Vessel Gallery (haven't heard about either yet). However, during May I have joined fellow East Finchley artists in the No Space Needed exhibition and will be exhibiting at 100A Cowley Road Workshops as part of Oxford Arts week from 21-30 May.

13 March 2011

Phoenix Exhibition

How right my last post was: I have already sold the most expensive item in the exhibition - which is interesting as my prices were way higher than anyone else's. It all goes to show that you need to get your work seen and that exhibitions are a good way to do this. It's also pleasing that the Phoenix will get some commission out of it and I'm glad to do something small to support the cinema.

03 March 2011

Lights Up

I've got two things in this exhibition - low key, but it's good to be seen rather than keep stuff at home. A lot of people pass through The Phoenix.

27 February 2011

New Gallery in Cardiff

This, and two other pieces, are about to go on show at the Oriel Albany Gallery - a new one for me. I've got nothing at home now, which is the way it should be.

01 February 2011


Launched today is a new website http://www.miratis.com/ where I am one of 10 launch artists showing the 'finest creations from today’s most talented and talked-about designer-makers' (their words). It's good to have stuff out there on view - and this picture they took showing my work is particularly vibrant.

31 January 2011

Next exhibition

I am in this exhibition, starting today and ending on Valentines Day. My offerings are second from the left, second row.

14 January 2011

Valentine dishes

A set of p√Ęte de verre valentine dishes for the Heavenly Sent exhibition at The Glass Art Gallery which I am about to deliver. Wastage of 4 (maybe 5) which aren't good enough. Hours spent - and with the gallery mark-up, 20% VAT, general recession, and no private view this time, it hardly seems worth doing. That seems rather a down-beat posting for the first of 2011, but we are all feeling the pinch now. Maybe the thing to do is to make what one wants to make and garner it up for better times ahead.