21 December 2010

Art prints

We have just launched our website to sell fine art prints online. It's at www.artglass.print.com
where the first range of limited editions can be seen. We have just a few Artists' Proofs available on enquiry.

Christmas sparkle

Almost all my sparkle plates have gone now. I've just a few left (which I might give away myself) so in the end it was worth making a batch of affordable present-type stock. I did well financially - better than posher exhibitions in fact.

29 November 2010

Christmas Fair

Alternative title to this post is 'Where did November go?'. I've been a tardy blogger this year. Not good. Here's a (rather grainy) picture of the lensy sparkle plates I am making at the moment for the Christmas Fair at the ArtWorkers' Guild on 5 December. They'll look nice with delicate biscuits - though I don't recommend heavy handling. Inexpensive for an austerity Christmas.

11 November 2010

Shortlisted for ...

We were shortlisted for the Award for Best Use of Visual Art in Health Care - not just my work, but all the hospital art - shame we didn't win. Still, down to the last 4 is not so bad and a good lunch at the old Whitbread stables was had by all. I tried to replicate these icecream baskets later - but they went soggy.

22 October 2010

Wallace Day

An interesting seminar day run by the Society for the History of Glass in which I learned of two 1st C AD glassmakers who were women - one who did (?blew) window glass. Another talk concentrated on Roman riddles of a similar period, including this one:

23 September 2010

A new commission

Not glass, and not made by me but by Matthew Lane Sanderson. He and I have won a public art pitch to make two pairs of gates for a school in Sheffield. It'll be steel and glass, and is a project I am very excited to be involved in. And the hospital has been shortlisted for an art in hospitals award. Some much-needed positives, at last.

04 September 2010


Last weekend was the International Festival of Glass and Biennale. I wasn't in the main show but had a double piece (which I forgot to photograph) at the Dial Glassworks gallery. All very jolly meeting up with glass people, but I felt somehow out of it and went home early.
And where did August go?

28 July 2010

Coughton Court

One of the windows at a charming Elizabethan manor house near Stratford-upon-Avon where we had just been to see Julius Caesar. Pretty - this sort of thing and a lost art in many ways. Our companions at the play admired my glass jewellery, that I was wearing, and ordered 2 necklaces and 2 pairs of earrings just like that. Shows it pays to advertise your own goods. I was boldly wearing all white that evening.

27 July 2010

Leerdam - the Stourbridge of Holland

On our way to Amsterdam, we stopped at the Glass Museum in Leerdam. Though limited in its collection, compared to Broadfield House, the town itself as the Glass Quarter of Holland had so much to teach Stourbridge in terms of creating tourist attractions. I didn't see as much as I wanted, but you could tell from the way it was arranged, street names, restaurant signs, proliferation of galleries, and so on that it was a vibrant town with some manufacture still thriving. Shame the Brits can't recreate that. Pix show some modern whacky wineglasses in nude forms and last century - normally I capture the makers' names but it was hot, the others a bit bored and S wielding the camera.

07 July 2010

Where did June go?

And will July be the same? Spikeabell has shamed me into the realisation that since I have stopped being a student, I have been falling behind in my glass logging - or is that 'glogging' (glugging, more like)? She'd spotted my work on the front page of CGS and must have thought, 'So you have been doing stuff.' Yes, I have. But the impetus to photograph and catalogue things has been waning. That said, here's a picture of my stuff in a cabinet in our Open House as part of East Finchley Artists. It's on this weekend, and last. Seven artists are showing in our house. The two platters on the bottom shelf have little lenses and glisten in the sunlight.

04 June 2010

Where did May go?

Not a single post last month and yet lots has been happening. I've acquired a drawing by Frank Brangwyn and I'm very pleased to own it. I think I haven't reported that I now edit Glass Circle News - am currently putting together the next edition on which this drawing will feature. Well, why not. It's all a very great deal of work and I think it is permissible to follow personal interests - while also keeping in mind what everybody else collects. The paperweight community is well-represented. Who would have thought the one in the picture below [(c) Bonhams] would sell for over £27,000:

20 April 2010

Domaine de la Verriere

Here's a curiosity: a wine label indicative of an industry of glass-bottle-blowers probably in the Ventoux area. Of course, you wouldn't blow a bottle like this, but it's rather quaint all the same. Brought to us in a bottle of rose by friends who'd been overwintering in the Luberon.
As for personal glass-making news; it's all a bit sotto voce at the moment. Gallery sales slow. Nothing cheering happening. And I can't post up the picture of myself with Prince Andrew at the opening of the RNOH because of protocol.

13 April 2010

Patrick Reyntiens

A hilarious evening at Glaziers Hall for a fund-raising event to make a documentary on Patrick Reyntiens - here he is demonstrating how he paints on glass. Drunk as a Lord and enjoying every minute of being centre of attention. At 84 or so you had to admire his spirit and energy - though I didn't buy one ofhis pieces as I found them too primitive. Two more measured presentations about working with him and influences from Graham Jones and Danny Lane. Inspiring in many ways.

01 April 2010

Wineglasses - technical drawing

I am now the proud owner of this drawing by Frank Brangwyn. It's for glasses made by Whitefriars Glasshouse and I love it. I've got enough wineglasses really so here's a new collecting possibility. I'd like to track down one real glass made from these designs, but it is proving really quite difficult - no one seems to know where to find them. Possibly only one set might have been made and it could be languishing in anyone's collection.

29 March 2010

Gallery on Holland's Rhine

This is how they do private views in Holland: a bag of goodies for each of the 7 exhibitors from England (all of whom were there) containing Advokaat, an Edam cheese and chocolate hazelnut Easter eggs. Sales were slow but lots of collectors came and two were very interested in my work and the local paper chose a picture of my blue tippy egg for its review. At the Aventurijn Gallery till 24 April.

05 March 2010

Glass Sea

I'm just trying out how to embed a video. Let's see what happens.

Sea of Glass from Sean Vicary on Vimeo.

02 March 2010


Seen at the Science Museum at an exhibition of what the west has learned from Islam in a scientific context. This, one-of-the-oldest surviving alembics from Iran in 10th to 12th century, gave us medicine and distillation. The glass is so weathered it looks like silver. One for my erosion collection.

01 March 2010


These are mine, though not in the woblet range, being professionally done with my blanks and to my design. A bit too large, in fact. However, they had an airing at dinner last night and one of the guests wants to order some. The economics aren't in my favour, but I am still obsessed by wineglasses so I want to do it.

25 February 2010

Packaged and ready to go

Two of the new pieces going to Holland. I didn't get into another London show I'd applied for. Wish I didn't get cast down by these little knocks - you have to put yourself out there and be prepared to win some and lose some.

04 February 2010

Two months unrecorded

I don't know what happened to December and January. Lots of glass things one way and another. Perhaps I felt deflated after the installation in thehospital, but still busy glassing. Two new pieces - one's going to an exhibition in Holland (with 7 other pieces and 7 other glass artists) next month at the Aventurijn Kunstbemiddeling in the Eastern Netherlands, and the other is going to SOFA in New York in April. The perfume choker is getting its first London showing tonight at Heavenly Scent, after dramas getting it back from Barcelona and Madrid. Recent news includes being appointed Editor of Glass Circle News and elected as a Brother of the ArtWorkers’ Guild. So although two months have slipped by unblogged, they have not been idle.