24 May 2006

Award ceremony at the V&A

Here's my certificate. And the prize is a year's-worth of being a Friend of the V&A. Which means I can go to all exhibitions free plus one guest. So good thing I didn't go to Modernism yesterday before the award-giving. What an odd occasion though. Impossible to hear anything booming from the mike in the Raphael cartoon room. The thing was preceded by some naff happy-clappy gospel singing. To be honest I felt embarrassed rather than chuffed, even though we met about 6 people we knew. The display outside the cafeteria is quite nice though.

23 May 2006

Yesterday's crop of goblets

Trouble is -- I only have glass-blowing session every 6 weeks to 2 months and so I spend the first hour of my precious three remembering where I got to last time. Still, these are starting to look more convincing, especially the last one (right) and if I could manage a few days on the trot, I might get somewhere. Why I have got bitten with this bug when I can't practice doing it, I don't know.

17 May 2006

Prize winner at the V&A

I've won the Glass Department award for my plate for the 'Inspired By...' Competition Exhibition which opens on Saturday. I'm astonished -- I was told there was a very strong entry in glass. Award ceremony next Tuesday. I'd have my hair done if I weren't coming back that morning from Brierley where I am having another glass-blowing lesson.

11 May 2006

Like water like glass

I can't really claim that this picture of the view from our hotel ferry taking us across to the island in the Cinque Terre is about glass. Though I have been developing a line of thought about their similar qualities (liquid/solid; hot/cold; transparent/opaque and so on). But it explains lack of news.

02 May 2006

Vicarage door project

I am experimenting with small fused panels with the design for the Lake District door in mind. These two give some of the effects I am looking for, but lots of problems still to solve.