24 May 2009

Three more sheets

I like these large sheets (about 2 ft 6 ins by 1 ft 6 ins). At the moment, I have one of them pinned to a window in my studio and it looks lovely as the sun comes round. There's some mileage here but I am not sure what yet. Or where to put them while I am thinking about it. I need a client with imagination who loves colour - they'd look good in a large space built into a dividing wall flanked by safety glass. Or instead of frosted glass in a space where you don't want people to look through a window but you want to let light in. Or over a door instead of leaded glass. Suggestions welcomed.

18 May 2009

Autumn Swirl

The official title of this piece for the 'Same Difference' exhibition - now completely finished and in its stand - is The Colour of Autumn. It's because I didn't completely know what I would be showing when I had to submit my blurb. Perhaps I can change it as the Americans will put 'Color' on the list. Thanks due to three fine craftsmen who helped me with the various stages of this. It's looking good. I can't send the sheet, though. There was a little crack that has to be ground out and I've run out of time. It would certainly have broken in transit.

07 May 2009

Abstract painting

(c) Artisan Studios

A professional picture of the glass sheet that came about as a result of that disheartening day trying to blow bullion when everything went wrong. If I can pack it up really securely (scary) then it is going to Corning in June. We've now done 2 more which aren't as nice (not professionally photographed either) so that gives me courage.

03 May 2009

Got the T-shirt

The Corning T-shirt design was almost this one, with my piece on it. But in the end another was chosen by a whisker, I was told. However, they're going to make one up specially for me, since the design is already done. Well, that'll be fun - to wear it at the Glass Art Society conference at Corning in June. Someone might notice.

01 May 2009

SOFA display

Returned home to a picture of the display cabinet at SOFA. The one of mine (middle, second row from the bottom) sold and so did another one which doesn't seem to be in this picture. Thrilling that they sold two pieces.