28 September 2009

Space and Place conference

The Contemporary Glass Society conference was at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park which was autumnally beautiful - shame not be indoors really. However, the theme was architectural glass and I found it inspiring and informative with good speakers and lots of information and chat. Didn't take many pictures, but one I did take was (illicitly) at the Park's special exhibition on Peter Randall-Page because his sketchbooks were inspirational and prolific. I work in a different way, though I sometimes think the real artist sketches all the time, which I don't. The other pic shows painting using the effects of colour on smashed glass.

24 September 2009

Martini glasses again

Went to see the Bombay Sapphire martini glass finalists and winners for the 4th year running. I still keep forgetting to note when the entry date is so I can try for it - though I know from the kinds of shapes they choose that I don't have a chance. It's always the same, somehow. The winner was a classic shape this time - a bit understated, but (as the barman told me as we had our first [of 5] cocktail) it held 7 fluid ounces, which is a proper martini's-worth, whereas most of them were too small.

19 September 2009

The stolen glass

We've just been to Paris (again) and dined one night at Le Verre Volé; a wine shop that also serves food just by the canal near the flat we stay in. Somewhat quirky but I couldn't resist the name. Other interesting glass in various museums. I was a bit inspired by some glass by Maurice Marinot seen in the otherwise pretty dreary museum of modern art, which made me reflect on the kind of work I am doing. But what really got me slavvering was not glass, but the ceramics and lacquer in the Musee Guimet. The craftsmanship and the fine eye for pleasing shapes. And the sense of humour in this crab and shrimp - I loved it.

03 September 2009

An international week

I have been invited to be in two exhibitions in Europe this week. In November/December my jewellery will be part of a large recycling project in Madrid's Moda Shopping Centre; and in March/April next year as part of a small group exhibiting at the Aventurijn Gallery (left) which specialises in contemporary glass art in Eastern Netherlands. Both invitations came this week. And today the Koukan Gallery confirmed that they'd like me again for a duo show in October - though I do rather feel it's a bit soon after Zest and I'm not sure it is wise to do it.