21 February 2009

A 5-day glassblowing course

I have just spent 5 days at the Liquid Glass Centre reacquainting myself with hot glass, which I have been missing. We went through all the basics (good for me, if mildly frustrating) and I think I understood something about gathering that I haven't grasped before. The last piece I made (which is still there) might be quite nice, but everything else rather indifferent. A lot of standing about involved, so I watched what was going on in the kiln course in the next room as well. They were making sweets with glass rods, and marbling by combing molten glass inside the kiln.

14 February 2009

Valentine field of flowers

I ought to have thought, and made one of these with a hearts motif - though possibly that is a bit naff for an exhibition. Here's my third piece for SOFA. So there's a unifying theme now which I think helps them sell each other. It would be chuffing if they did sell.

11 February 2009

Secret inside

This one has got a bowl inside a bowl inside a globe, and inside you get double colours. But I really wanted that on the outside and forgot that the white opal would block the double illusion effect. I know what to do to get it, though it'll be too late for SOFA New York which is where this one is destined for. Might be effective if you shine a light inside. Or else it'll be a secret effect when you look inside - like a beautiful box with an elaborate interior.

08 February 2009

Painting in glass

And this is how the one pictured last time turned out. Fabulous colours. Just one small 'mistake' with a colour called anna green (after someone's daughter) which is just OK, but was just a bit too soft to go with the rest. Very pleased with the results of this session, though we didn't get any large rondels done. There's still time for those. And I was having fun playing with ideas. There has to be something in this technique, though most people won't realise how labour-intensive it is.

04 February 2009

Blowing in West Brompton

A second session today is looking good. Though you never can tell until everything is out of the lehr. We did 7 pieces of various sizes in about the same time as at Alvechurch, so that's now my bench-mark of expectation. I rather enjoyed it today and there's no doubt that London is easier, though I quite like going up to the West Midlands now and again.
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