20 April 2010

Domaine de la Verriere

Here's a curiosity: a wine label indicative of an industry of glass-bottle-blowers probably in the Ventoux area. Of course, you wouldn't blow a bottle like this, but it's rather quaint all the same. Brought to us in a bottle of rose by friends who'd been overwintering in the Luberon.
As for personal glass-making news; it's all a bit sotto voce at the moment. Gallery sales slow. Nothing cheering happening. And I can't post up the picture of myself with Prince Andrew at the opening of the RNOH because of protocol.

13 April 2010

Patrick Reyntiens

A hilarious evening at Glaziers Hall for a fund-raising event to make a documentary on Patrick Reyntiens - here he is demonstrating how he paints on glass. Drunk as a Lord and enjoying every minute of being centre of attention. At 84 or so you had to admire his spirit and energy - though I didn't buy one ofhis pieces as I found them too primitive. Two more measured presentations about working with him and influences from Graham Jones and Danny Lane. Inspiring in many ways.

01 April 2010

Wineglasses - technical drawing

I am now the proud owner of this drawing by Frank Brangwyn. It's for glasses made by Whitefriars Glasshouse and I love it. I've got enough wineglasses really so here's a new collecting possibility. I'd like to track down one real glass made from these designs, but it is proving really quite difficult - no one seems to know where to find them. Possibly only one set might have been made and it could be languishing in anyone's collection.