30 August 2009

Trip to Copenhagen

We've just spent 5 days in Copenhagen where we saw quite a bit of glass, but my cameraman didn't click any of it except these rather nice bowls seen in a gallery in one of the main streets. Although we thought it an expensive city, the glass and furniture in this shop didn't seem hors de combat. I forget what these cost, but they seemed reasonable. I wonder if we don't price ourselves out of the market in the UK.

Lots of interesting pieces in the Kunstindustrimuseet including this classic 1920s glass lamp by Wilhelm Wagenfeld which we've got.

21 August 2009

Design - Solo Show 2nd party

Lots going on glasswise even though I haven't blogged for a bit. I have commissioned the metalwork for RNOH and am currently arranging my chosen pieces on my studio wall at half life size. I've done about 8 versions (of which this is the current favourite) - tissue paper on top of that to draw out the metal structure. We've jointly come to some possibly better solutions. Though at the closing party last night for my Zest show, I looked at the prototype hanging there and thought it actually does work rather well. Nice visitors drinking fizz - but no buyers. Total sold = 5, which apparently isn't bad for the time of year.