30 April 2008

C's the Day

I didn't go into college this week and spent yesterday doing this envelope for the American Graceful Envelope Contest. Why? I don't know - it just appealed. The somewhat uninspiring theme was 'C's the Day' so mine is a chamaeleon which changes colour and has a few C-shapes in the design. I had a fancy to have him whistling to the tune of middle C, but didn't want speech bubbles. Am off to the Post Office now to see if they will hand frank it.

25 April 2008

Frith Street Gallery

I do sort of admire Cornelia Parker for her ideas (heard her speak very intelligently on Woman's Hour when this exhibition opened) but I have to say I just don't get it. There were 6 of these silver gelatin prints called Latent News. And, as my companion said, 'I could do that myself.' It's not that simple, of course, and I do (quite) like her exploded shed), but you need this stuff explained by the cognoscenti. Idea for my jewellery though - her Bullet Drawings (lead drawn from a bullet into wire and arranged charmingly with shadows behind on six white-framed panels) - made me think of framing some of my jewellery pieces as statements about the wearability of glass.

24 April 2008

Why has this blog gone quiet?

... because I've been mucking everything up recently. Here's a broken one. Fused into a circle. Picked up in the hotshop - but on my own. Couldn't control the way the colours blew out differently. Now in the lehr just to see what the colours did - but it's all foldy and complete rubbish. Waste of time. And waste of glass. Mind you, everyone spends quite a bit on materials and you do have to try and forget what it costs.

17 April 2008

Another one bites the dust

We tried to blow this one out yesterday - I had a vision of what it would be like based on two other attempts at the same concept. But what I had not catered for was the blue at the centre of the bottom, which distorted the whole thing - blue is so soft. So it wobbled on the punty and made a hole as it cracked off. Disappointing as I know this could be good. I'll have to try yet again. cf first attempt.

14 April 2008

Stevens Competition - Commended

I've got a 'Commended' for my entry for the Stevens Competition for Architectural Glass which has been run by the Worshipful Company of Glaziers and Painters of Glass since the 70s. It's for a backlit panel in the new maternity wing of the Elizabeth Garrett Anderson Hospital. I didn't think I was in with a chance as my tutor told me it was very much a skills-based competition to keep traditional glass painting alive. I argued that this is a form of painting in glass. And I've come through as a finalist - one who, 'in the opinion of the judges, merits recognition'. So exciting! I'm not posting my design because it doesn't work on screen. My colleagues at Farnham touchingly pleased for me today.

13 April 2008

Verre Eglomisé

Spent a delightful Saturday in the workshops of the House of Mirrors doing a day course in verre églomisé. Pictures: picking up the gold leaf and a silvered mirror with gilded surrounded which was my finished piece (reflecting the skylight above). Also tried the technique on my lenses. I've come home with copious notes and ideas of how I could incorporate this into my jewellery. Very interesting bunch of fellow learners, one of whom is starting a business in glass 'wallpaper'. Stimulating day.

11 April 2008

Glass jewellery

The GlassWear exhibition at ZeST Gallery as part of Coutts London Jewellery Week is really happening now and I went to see the jewellery tutor at college to get some advice on the ideas and pieces I have come up with so far. She has been encouraging and I now feel more certain of what I am doing. But I do need to get on with it.

04 April 2008

Interim Show Private View

A nice occasion and quite a high standard of work, on the whole. I thought it was better than last year's Final Show. My work was nicely placed so it was the first thing people saw as they enteredthe gallery. All the tutors thought the stand too heavy for the piece, but I thought it looked good - and in any case, it led to interesting discussions. A technician said he could make me something a bit like a gyroscope -- which I liked the sound of. Maybe he even will for the next piece. One person enquired about buying the other roundel (the one on the invitation card) but I don't think she really meant it. At any rate not at the price someone quoted on my behalf when I remained mute. It's too soon to sell anything as the failure rate is so high I need to keep the successes.