24 May 2008

Blown at ZeST

As an experience, this was a real eye-opener - watching my pieces emerge in a professional studio. It's a different way of working to how things happen at college. The idea is to have some Glass Ware as part of the Glass Wear exhibition, for variety. I'm also planning a whacky bit of jewellery that I'm thinking of as Glass Where. Probably with a question mark.

16 May 2008

Glass Wear - Coutts London Jewellery Week

The glass jewellery exhibition is opening quite soon. Here's my work as the image chosen for the invitation card (the second time that's happened to me in as many months, how cool is that!). Plus some pieces I am more pleased with than the image that's getting all the publicity (in Crafts, Design Arts and the Coutts Guide, which will be an insert in ES on 6 June). London friends, do come. All details on the card, which you can click on to enlarge.

15 May 2008

Dichroic glass

Went to see this installation at a health centre in Cambourne, Cambs. The artist, Chris Wood, gave me some offcuts of dichroic glass for my jewellery and was also very generous in telling me a bit about costing out an installation such as this one. Profit seems to be a movealbe feast dependant on how much one wants a particular commission for one's portfolio.

08 May 2008

Stevens Competition prize giving

A posh dinner beside the rushing Thames, a certificate, a cheque for £100 and a copy of C Whall's book, plus an interesting feedback seminar on the entries - not a bad day out. Here are the Commendeds and the one on the far right actually got the commission to make the piece (the picture doesn't do justice to it). I was pretty pleased with the feedback I got - apparently mine caused something of a sensation, with more discussion amongst the judges than anything else and a fierce debate about what the Stevens Competition was all about.

03 May 2008

Pictured in Crafts Magazine

I haven't seen this yet but apparently my picture is right across a centrefold of Crafts Magazine - a nice colleague scanned it in. Wow! Why'd they choose mine? I'm actually rather embarrassed, especially as the necklace was only the prototype and technically a bit ropey. The thought of experts seeing it spooks me somewhat. Looking forward to seeing the whole article, though -- update a few days later: I've now seen it, and it's certainly good publicity. Not many names mentioned and mine is in the caption and in the article.