21 November 2008

Christmas show

I am going to be in this exhibition opening next week and am busy making Christmas decorations for it - little quasi mobiles of 5 snowflakes of different glass textures. Am having some fun though I cannot see this being a money-spinner as it is fairly laborious and one cannot charge very much.

19 November 2008

Contemporary Art Glass Museum of Alcorcon

An exhibition opens today in Madrid for which two of my pieces were selected on the basis of photographs submitted. The other one is pictured lower down the page - the theme was recycling. But the organisers never told me. So I didn't send them. And of course I am now not in the exhibition or the catalogue. I am extremely disappointed, as can well be imagined. And what makes it worse is that it is probably my fault. I should have checked the website, but I didn't realise that. I'd thought there would be an email.

13 November 2008

Rondel blowing

Some of these aren't actually 'round' rondels and some are views inside bowls, but I've started on the rondels for the hospital project. These were done at London Glassblowing and there's one really successful one and the others are variously nice to a little bit faulty. All in all, I'm pretty pleased but I can see that I am going to need to make quite a lot to get 20 that are right for the project.