27 June 2009

Glass in Majorca

A furnace near Palma (same as anywhere else - output not inspiring), a crucifix in a bottle (never seen that before) and some apothecary jars in the monastery in Valldemossa where Chopin and George Sand stayed in the winter of 1853 (read her book while there and was struck by how little she said about him). A holiday that had nothing to do with glass - but you can always find something to do with glass to log wherever you go.

17 June 2009


I'm back home now; this is my last day at Corning - with the pool I swam in on the one and only sunny day of the whole trip (luckily the Sunday when there were no lectures). The gallery where my swirl piece is showing - where we had a tame little private view. Oh and did I go the wrong way - no I don't think so (that's the Museum of Glass in the background).

14 June 2009

Glass Art Society Conference in Corning

I am still in Corning so these pictures are uploaded unedited (and are rather poor). They're all taken in the Museum of Glass, where the conference was mostly held, and show some random choices from their absolutely stunning collection of glass. The fruit bowl is giant. They have everything there and it has been nice being able to browse about each day, rather than going through a whole collection at one sitting. The technological section was as interesting as the art.
The conference was very good - lots of ideas to take home and absorb. I think the highlight was a fashion show of costumes made with glass - copious imaginative bead work creations, corsets of kiln-cast elements, a bustle made out of a batch bag, a coat with plastic champagne glass stuck to it, a neon crinoline, a cast ballet dress, a glittering pyjama suit with dichroic panels sewn on. The whole thing lasted about an hour with one after another splendid creations and pretty girls (and the occasional chap) flouncing up and down the catwalk as if they were professionals. Fab.
Tonight is the private view of our exhibition, and a gallery here is interested in taking my two pieces after the show if they don't sell (they won't) so at least there will be an after life for them.