29 November 2010

Christmas Fair

Alternative title to this post is 'Where did November go?'. I've been a tardy blogger this year. Not good. Here's a (rather grainy) picture of the lensy sparkle plates I am making at the moment for the Christmas Fair at the ArtWorkers' Guild on 5 December. They'll look nice with delicate biscuits - though I don't recommend heavy handling. Inexpensive for an austerity Christmas.

11 November 2010

Shortlisted for ...

We were shortlisted for the Award for Best Use of Visual Art in Health Care - not just my work, but all the hospital art - shame we didn't win. Still, down to the last 4 is not so bad and a good lunch at the old Whitbread stables was had by all. I tried to replicate these icecream baskets later - but they went soggy.