24 July 2009

Artist Talk evening

Just one screen from my PowerPoint presentation last night. I talked about the motivation for design and about how my pieces are made. Lots of illustrations. Packed house. I was very conscious that it was hot and people were crammed into a small space - so I romped through. But I think people were interested. The whole thing is at this link on my website.

16 July 2009

Zest private view

Three (rather yellowish) pictures of my exhibition just as the private view was beginning. In one of them you can just see that I am dressed to match one of the blow-up photographs. I thought these looked very good. Lots of compliments from all who came, but the red dots were very sparse. It's early days, of course, and probably largely a non-buying guest list. Perhaps the architects and interior designers come during the day. More online at Zest.

14 July 2009

Exhibition preview

Just 4 of something like 30 pieces that are going into my show at Zest opening tomorrow. Having a solo show is pretty scary - and a very great deal of work. Just signing and packing them all up and loading the car took a whole day. There are some pieces I am very happy with and some that are quite nice. But one just doesn't know how it'll be received.

07 July 2009


My collaborator at Blink Art has been working on details of my glass to create abstract pictures. I'm completely thrilled with the results. Top one and last one are in the exhibition, the larger one blown up to 1 metre wide - I have to say, they look fabulous.