29 September 2006

Second week at Farnham

One of the tutors mentioned Catherine Hough, so I went and had a look at her work - beautifully made organic forms in clear glass. Does it give me ideas? Don't know.

I managed to squeeze into the workshops 3 afternoons last week - a bit more sandcasting, and two little solo blowing sessions, which were quite good for me because you can't make anything without a partner, but it was useful just to practise a few manoeuvres without being observed. Seems hotter than in Brierley Hill. Posted by Picasa

23 September 2006

London Design Week

I thought the Bombay Sapphire Prize exhibition was the best of the four shows I went to. There was real quality here - interesting ideas and well-made pieces. I liked this mirror piece by Kazuo Taguchi; similar sort of thing to my lens river - using light and reflections. What I didn't like about it was that each mirrored curve was glued to the wall - so had to be built in situ.

100%East also had innovative design, though some of it tried too hard. Interesting(ish) light book by Mirko Kisser -- allegedly 'the contemporary citation of the ancient scriptures' ; each page being 'pure enlightenment'.Posted by Picasa

22 September 2006

CLA's river warming

They did me proud; really nice drinks and canapes to celebrate the installation of 'Ampersand River' jointly with an office warming. I was very well supported by glass colleagues and friends. Genuine positive feedback that I even believed. Some professional photos taken - this one of me isn't too bad.

21 September 2006

Tate Modern and Chelsea Art School

We went as an MA group to get inspiration from artists in the Tate collection and to see what the MA students at Chelsea had made of their course at the private view of the final show. A group bonding afternoon. I'm trying to be open to anything.

Wrote it up later at http://www.editor.net/200words-in-the-right-order/tate.html with a link to the two items that it was suggested we selected that somehow 'spoke' to us.

20 September 2006

First two days at Farnham

First day - chaotic, but I suppose one expected that, though not the unwelcome vista of academic pressure opening before me. Almost ready to leave there and then.

Second day - the pictures say it all (pouring and mould beforehand). I 'rescheduled' the IT & library inductions and went to the BA sandcasting class because that was the only way I could get to a hotshop induction. And without that, you can't start doing anything. Seemed more important.

05 September 2006

My latest pate de verre

Here something I did this week. I think it's called 'Feathered Shell'. I also think I wouldn't have made this a year ago, let alone posted it up. And I think I'm getting corrupted and am starting to like useless 'art' objects that make puzzling statements where before I was all purist and functionalist. Something's happening -- is it good or bad? Posted by Picasa