18 June 2005

Have I had a good week, or what!

This is the progress of the goblets Helen blew for me (my quid-pro-quo for writing an article about the college for The Craftsman). I had already made the canes (see February entry) and drawn up a measured design.

My canes, cut and warming to 500 degrees C in the top-loader. First gather.

Shaping the bubble. Dropping on a cane which was picked up with a blob of hot glass.

Straightening the stem. Missing picture of a blob being dropped on the end of the stem. Shaping the blob into a foot.

Using a footboard. Taking a punty onto the foot.

Opening the bowl. Boarding and shaping the bowl.
Missing pictures - using calipers at every stage to measure the parts; cracking off and final result. We drank to Helen & Steve with them last night, but I will wait for Stephen to justice with a proper (non-digital) photo to be posted later.

I'm thrilled to bits with these.

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