25 June 2005

Installation at the Red House Cone

Our three-girl show at the Red House Cone, Scene Through Glass, opened on 22nd with a very enjoyable party. Part of the Stourbridge Festival of Performing Arts.

The picture shows the storyteller, John Edgar, who was excellent (Oh yes, and that's Emily on the left). He related various tales and myths to my concept of the ambiguities inherent in the way we perceive the world as expressed by my kiln-fused piece, Comma Separated Values. We wanted listeners to think, ‘I never looked at it from that point of view before’. e.g.

- Is Cinderella forgiving or vengeful?
- What gave rise to the saying 'For the Want of a Nail'?
- How does The Hare and the Tortoise relate to Why the Elephant has a Flat Bottom?

As to a specific ‘comma’, the storyteller liked, 'What is this thing called, love?' as opposed to 'What is this thing called love'. Lots of scope in Shakespeare. There's Duncan listening to a wounded soldier and issuing the command, ‘Go get him, surgeons!’ instead of, ‘Go, get him surgeons.’

A shame more people didn't come to hear him. As he said, it was a 'spectacle'. I'd love to do it again in London.

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