22 June 2005

The Royal Brierley Factory

Isn't this sad! The 10-acre site that was once a thriving glasshouse employing many people in the area is being demolished. This is a portrait of Britain today. Industry and craftsmanship making way for housing. It's an irony that the very first Sotheby's sale I ever went to was for the Royal Brierley collection of glass.


Anonymous said...

hey, believe it or not i live a 10 minute walk from the factory and as kids we all used to go and explore it and get out of the rain. i agree its a shame theyre knocking it down, but it really was a dangerous and spooky place.

its over 200 years old, and many times my friends and i have heard or felt strange things in and around that place - they found a dead body in there as they were demolishing it.

it really is sad theyre jus knocking it down.. the ammount of history in that place. its like walking round a living museum. but it was literally falling apart

Anonymous said...

hi i used to work for royal brierley about 6 years ago, just as they started to have major problems,i must say i visited the old factory, and it was like being in a time warp it was fascinating to watch all those skilled men producing an absolutely beautiful product some of which i own myself and will treasure forever.